Education Administration Software

Fees Management

You can monitor the total fees collected along with a separate update of each student. You can easily assign the fees to students on the basis of their fees group and type.


Customization is very easy with AEDU. You can add your personal details along with the logo of your school. Make it your own after making it a part of your management.

No Language Barrier

HUROF is a versatile software and supports multi-languages. Feel at home by using it in your own language.

Promote Students

Promote Student is a feature which helps you promote already admitted students to the next class without having to enter their data all over again. So much work done already right?

Schedule Classes

HUROF allows you to make and edit class routine schedules at a go. Editing them is simpler than ever. You can manage several classes and teachers assigned at one single place without missing or confusing any data.

Hostel Management

You can manage various features of your hostel like total number of rooms, rooms assigned to students, caretakers assigned etc. All of this can be assigned right under one roof without any confusion being created.

Library Management

HUROF allows you to enter a complete book list of the entire library. You can also maintain the issue-return process of the books separately for both students and teachers.

View graphs

Charts and graphs are often a very easy way to understand a comparison. HUROF allows you to see your income and expenditure in the form of charts and graphs

Transport Management

If your school maintains a transport system you can manage the same through HUROF. It becomes simple when you can assign and maintain different drivers to respective vehicles.

Backup and Restore

HUROF is a Cloud based software which gives you the best data security making data backup smooth. Managing your school was never so easy right?

Manage Item Stock

You can manage the item stock required by your management. You can also update the stock bought and used by the organization accordingly.

Internal Messaging

This feature provides internal messaging system which allows the admin to send private message to other authorities in the institution. This makes communication simple for the school admin.

Class Sections

You can upload the sections for each standard and assign students to the same according to your basis of classification. You can also assign teachers to different sections according to the subjects they teach.

Manage Item Suppliers

With HUROF you can also manage the suppliers of all the items. You can add their personal details like contact details, Email id etc. This will increase accuracy in your management.

Print Documents

You can print all the records in the software. A parent wants a hard copy of the fee receipt? Or you have to print all the marksheets? Not a problem any more. The print feature in HUROF takes care of all your requirements.


HUROF helps you manage all your expenses and income at one place. Your accountant can manage the accounts of all the students together as well as have an account for all the student separately.

Update Parents Easily

Our software has a SMS Gateway integration which makes it possible for the school to communicate with parents. You can easily notify parents for events and other important announcements.

Manual Payments

Apart from online payments HUROF also supports manual payments in the form of cash, cheque and DD. You can enter the numbers easily and update the fulfillment of the payment.

Update for efficiency

HUROF provides regular and free updates for the software to add and edit various features making it more and more efficient. These updates will give you access to the newly introduced features for free.

Export Data in Different Formats

With HUROF it becomes very easy to export all your data in three different formats namely CSV, Excel and PDF. This allows you to share the reports as when required with the necessary authorities.

Manage Students

You can manage all your students very efficiently with HUROF. Enter all their personal details and make a separate profile for each student and use them for all the other features.

Manage Admissions

HUROF makes student admissions very easy for you. You can add students with their personal details directly to your system and the all the further functions can be taken from there.

Manage Leaving Students

You can manage students leaving your current sessions and remove them from your system very easily. HUROF makes it very easy to manage leaving students through the software.

Maintain Inventory

You can also maintain your inventory through the software. All the items in use can be entered and updated from time to time. You can update the stock required by the management and keep the use up to date.

Education Parent App

Schedules right on your phone

With our mobile app you get all the class schedules with the teachers assigned and the sections provided to your child. This makes it very easy for you to track your child’s progress.

Online homework

You get instant notifications for homework and assignments uploaded by the teachers for every subject. You can download them and know all the details of the same.

Communication made easy

With HUROF you get an internal messaging feature where you can easily contact the teachers, the management and vice versa. This feature makes it very easy for you to communicate with the teachers.

Sibling Management

Our app allows you to manage all your kids separately through the app. It creates different profiles and you can see each kid’s school activities. This makes it easy for you to have all the information in one place

Reminders and Notifications

You can get notifications for everything new being uploaded. It also reminds you of the pending fees on the due date. These notifications and reminders keep you updated all the time.


We all know graphs are much easier to understand comparisons. Our app gives you graphic representations of your child’s progress making it much easier for you to understand the same.

Online Payment

Our mobile app not only enables you to pay your child’s fee online but also notifies you for the same on the due date. Now no more forgetting and fighting over delayed fees payment.

Transport tracking

With our app you can track the live status of the transport along with the estimated time of arrival. You can also view the entire travel route and also contact the driver in case of delay. This makes it very easy to track your child's bus while travelling.

Mobile APP OTP

We use OTP (One Time Password) to verify your mobile APP account, this is security layer that we offer to our valued clients.

Teacher Portal

Marks Management

Teachers can update marks of every students according to both marks and grades. They can also update total marks and passing marks along with marks obtained.

Address the Attendance

HUROF makes it very easy to maintain daily attendance of all your students. This can also update the parents of constant absence of their children if it is uninformed.

Homework Documentation

HUROF allows you to upload and share homework documents from the software. This is very useful for both the parents and the students. It also saves time on both the parents’ and the school’s side.

Schedule Exams

Teachers can updates exam schedules with date and time in HUROF. This enables parents to have a direct exam schedule without any mistakes.

Upload Timetable

Teachers can upload timetables for each class and section they teach. Timetable can be added according to subjects and the teachers assigned.

Manage Students

Teachers can fill all the personal details of their students and manage them. Class, sections, Roll number, Guardian's contact number etc can be added in the software.

Upload Documents

Teachers can upload documents like homework, assignments, syllabus etc. on the software. This gives the parents direct access to the content saving time and reducing errors.

Bus Routes

Teachers can upload the driver's details for each student according to the routes. They can also update the vehicle number along with other details to make the travel safer.

Internal Messaging

With HUROF teachers can contact the parents directly through the internal messaging feature. This makes it very easy to have a one-on-one discussion with the teacher from anywhere.

Library Management Software

Add Books

Through the librarian login you can add books to the system. You can have a complete book list present in the library. No more worries of losing books.
The system will generate a BAR code for each book, and you are able to print the BAR code and place it on the book, any bar code reader can be used to manage that book.

Books Issue Return

With HUROF you can manage the issue and return of books digitally. You can enter the book id or scan the book BAR code and the student’s details who has issued the book. This makes it easy to keep a track on the issue return of books.

Add Students/Teachers

You can add students and teachers and assign them the books they issued. This can be managed very easily with HUROF.

Education Accounting Software

Collect Fees

With the accountant login, your accountant can update all the collected fees in the software. This digitizes the accounting making it faster and more accurate.

Fees Master

Fees master allows you to make groups based on different types of fees to be collected from students. These master groups can be assigned directly to the fees groups making the collection easy.

Fees Discount

You can add different types of fee discounts provided by your school and apply them directly to the eligible students. This feature will notify you when a student is eligible for discount while collecting fees.


HUROF enables you to search any payment through a unique payment ID. With the help of this feature you can also search any fees due of particular student.

Fees Statement

You can also generate a fee balance with HUROF. This shows you if the fees is paid and also generates the statement in three different formats. You can also print a receipt for the same.

Balance Fee Report

You can also see a complete balance sheet of a particular standard. This gives you a report of all the students who have pending fees and how much balance payment you have to collect.

Monitor Income

You can manage you complete income at one place. You can add the types of income you have coming in your school and update accordingly. This helps you keep all the data in one place and monitor easily.

Monitor Expense

Expenses are easier to manage with HUROF. You can add the types of expense your school bears and update them accordingly. This makes it easy to keep a record of all the expenses and income made by the school.

Analyse Reports

HUROF generates several reports like the balance fees report, Fee statement, transaction report. These are available in three different formats like PDF, CSV, and Excel.

Monitor Profit

With all the expenses and income in one place, HUROF enables you to analyse your profits at one place. This can be done in numbers or in the form of graphs. Graphs make it easy to understand and compare profits.

Fees Types

You can divide your fees into various types. With the help of these fees types you can make fee groups accordingly. Example, based on the sports fee type you can make a fee group of all the sports students.

Fees Group

With HUROF you can create different fee groups based on different categories. These can be classes or other groups like sports or Olympiads. These fee groups help you update the collected fees systematically.